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Scholes Village Primary School aims to continue to provide an ambitious and broad curriculum in all subjects. Access to remote learning is through ‘Class Dojo' throughout school from Nursery to Years 6.

We have extensive plans for the provision of remote education as part of normal school, as emergency provision (if the need arises) and to ensure that children that need to be educated at home, for example, a long term absence for medical reasons, are given the support they need to continue learning.

Remote education, where needed, is of a high quality and aligns as closely as possible with in-school provision. It involves a mix of recorded (eg using software such as ‘Loom’ to enable teachers to explain in detail) and live teaching, including live assemblies and class discussions. Pupils receive timely, regular feedback on work submitted which includes written comments or voice recordings. Feedback is individualised or whole class. Very importantly, time is set aside daily for children to think about the feedback given by their teacher and then to have the time and space ('Green Pen Time') to act upon it. Challenge is also provided this way as well as through differentiation. We follow the latest government guidance on amount of work provided.


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